Why You Should Request a Celtic Cross Spread During a Tarot Card Reading

If you’ve ever had a tarot reading done, you’re likely aware that there are many ways to go about it. This is done by arranging the cards in different patterns (known as “spreads”). The reason that many different spreads are used is that they are adaptable to different situations. For example, if you’re interested in knowing how a certain aspect of your life came about and how it will proceed in the future, a reader will likely do the Past, Present, and Future spread. In this format the person doing the reading will draw only three cards and arrange them in a line. The first card on the left will represent past influences regarding the situation you are questioning. The card in the middle will represent the situation as it stands and as it affects you. The card on the right will represent future possibilities that could affect the situation. This spread, while simple, can provide you with a lot of insight. However, other spreads can answer and shed insight on more complex questions. One of the most popular spreads is the Celtic Cross. If you’re relatively new to having your cards read, the Celtic Cross is a good request to make for a number of reasons. Analyzing a Problem…

What You Should Keep in a Tarot Journal

Are you an aspiring Tarot reader? Do you find the Tarot interesting on a personal level? Are you just curious about the Tarot and all of the secrets that it holds? Then it sounds like it’s about time that you kept a Tarot journal. These journals look just like any other, the only difference is that you’re keeping notes on one aspect of your life rather than everyday living. You’ll find that you learn a lot from keeping a journal, but you’ve got to know what you’re supposed to be observing. If you want to get in on this but don’t know how, then try these three exercises to learn more about the Tarot and yourself. The Morning Draw This is a very straightforward way to get to know a card every day. While you’re sitting down for breakfast or a cup of coffee, draw out one card from your deck. This isn’t a reading on your day or anything, but it could very well be something that you relate to. The Tarot has a way of doing that. But as you look at it notice what you see in the background. Notice how the characters involved look like their feeling. Then read up on what your book has to…

Why You Should Consult a Psychic before Moving

Moving can be one of the most difficult and stress inducing tasks for any adult. There is a lot of planning that has to go into the process and can easily overwhelm anyone. Whether buying a house or simply moving to a new apartment, there are a lot of factors that can get overlooked if one isn’t careful. Picking the right place to live isn’t something to be taken lightly, that’s why consulting a psychic before moving might just be the best move of all. Finding the Right Neighborhood Choosing the right neighborhood to live in can be just as important as picking the right house. No one wants to live in a bad city with a high crime rate and sketchy neighbors. While it’s completely possibly and highly recommended to scout the area before purchasing a home, a psychic can also help avoid any issues that might arise by choosing the wrong neighborhood to live in. The psychic can help predict anything from future crime rates rising in the area, to getting stuck with pesky neighbors that are going to leave you not even want to step outside. Allow a Psychic to Help You Find the Right House Buying a house is nothing to be taken lightly. It’s an…

Why Mental Illness and Psychics Don’t Mix

Whenever a person is dealing with a serious issue in life, it’s not uncommon for them to want to reach out to a psychic for some guidance. It can be a great way to gain enlightenment or closure for an issue that is has been weighing on the mind. Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are being examined more closely these days, and studies have shown that these disorders are more common than some might imagine. If someone suffers from a mental illness of any kind, here are a few reasons why consulting a psychic might not be the best choice. Taking the Reading the Wrong Way It’s common for someone with a mental disorder to over think most situations in life. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common disorders for a person to experience, and can stunt the well-being of an individual suffering from them by clouding basic judgments and causing them to become paranoid or unmotivated because of situations or comments that normally wouldn’t bother the average person. Whether it’s a disorder such as anxiety, OCD, or Schizophrenia, a psychic might not be the best person to go to when issues arise. Anxiety and depression can leave a client feeling even worse upon leaving than…

Why it’s Important to Avoid Sweating the Details of Tarot Card Reading Results

Going to a tarot card reading for the first time can be an extremely intimidating experience. The information a tarot card reader can give you varies on how strongly they receive signals and divinations from the cards that day. This means that a tarot card reading can be either highly descriptive or very general and vague. Don’t panic. Both scenarios are fine and normal when it comes to having your fortune read. Results Are Highly Up to Interpretation Tarot card reading is a highly interpretive form of divination. Like many forms of fortune telling, the details aren’t exact and the situations described within the cards can be extremely different from what actually happens. When it comes to specific readings and how detailed they are, these details may not be so concrete. One psychic may interpret one card one way and another will see something completely different when they draw a card. Tarot cards are very dependent on scenarios that deal with a specific person, the skills of the tarot card reader, and the way that a card is meant to be read in regards to both of these things. With all these variables in play, psychic readings with tarot cards can be a little tricky when it comes to specific…

Why It’s Important to Be Familiar With Reversal Meanings

For many people, the only exposure they’ve had to tarot cards is what they see in popular media. For this reason, people often assume that whatever image a card presents is actually the meaning. A perfect example of this is assuming that the sixth card of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, means that you’ll find love in your life or that the thirteenth card, Death, means you’ll experience death somehow in your life. This is really not the case. Each card has several meanings attached to it that must be interpreted carefully in regards to whatever question you’ve asked of the cards or whatever problem you’re looking to have solved. Additionally, each card has a reversed meaning, which means that when they appear in a spread upside down that the meaning changes. Many people don’t account for reversed meanings when getting a reading done (or doing the reading themselves), which means that they can be surprised by what they’re told. Opposite Meaning In some cases, a reversed card will actually have a meaning that is the opposite of what the upright meaning. For example, seeing The Emperor upright can represent authority and resolve. However, drawing The Emperor reversed can represent tyranny instead of authority and weakness instead of resolve. It’s…

Why Consulting a Pet Psychic Is a Good Idea

People consult psychics every day for life guidance. Some people want to know whether or not they are going to get that big promotion, some want to know whether their relationship is on the right track or not, some might have questions about a big upcoming event. One thing that most people don’t think to consult a psychic for, and they should, is their pet. Pets can have their own problems just like humans, and consulting a psychic for pet related readings is becoming more and more common. Listed below are some of the reasons why getting a tarot reading for your pet might be in their best interest. Detecting Minor Health Issues Not all pet owners might realize this, but it’s actually very common for pets to have minor health issues such as anxiety. This is common in pets that were rescued from shelters, and some breeds of dogs such as Huskies, Border Collies and Great Pyrenees have a genetic influence that makes them prone to anxiety. While anxiety in animals can sometimes be spotted very easily, other times it might be a little harder to detect. By allowing a psychic to give the pet a reading, they might be able to spot potential issues that a normal pet…

Why a High Customer Rating Doesn’t Always Mean They’re the Right Psychic for You

It can be tough to find an online psychic who can deliver satisfactory readings. Given how many of them are out there, searching for one that works for you can be tedious. This is why many psychic reading websites have systems that allow users to rate the various practitioner featured. That way, customers like you can log on and search for high rated psychics to hire. It seems like a system that would work pretty well, and in most cases it would. However, given the personal nature of many psychic readings, you’re not just going to want to settle for someone who’s been rated five starts out of five. There are other aspects to choosing a personal psychic that you should consider before you go on to make your final choice. Connection Just like a psychic should feel a connection to the tools they use, you should feel a connection to the psychic doing the reading for you. It’s a pretty simple concept. Would you want to go to a dentist that you found repulsive? Getting an accurate psychic reading requires that both you and the person doing the reading be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, the reading may be inaccurate or may be completely jumbled. This is why you…

When To Disconnect From A Live Online Reader

Live online tarot readers can be a fulfilling experience. They are much more available and allow you to get a personalized reading from the comfort of your own home. There is someone there to interpret the cards and see what lies within them, as opposed to relying on keywords. Finding the right one, can be tricky, though. Online readings are a much less personal experience. Some sites look to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. The advantage, though, is that if something goes bad it’s easy to disconnect and find a new reader. When The Personal Connection Fails Online readings don’t allow for much space for chatting, so it means you have to go with your gut. When your reader comes online and introduces themselves, consider them with care. How do they make you feel? Are they someone you are willing to share your problems with? Though tarot readings are short, some people find it a personal experience even over the web. If the reader gives you bad vibes, it’s time to find another one. If they seem bored or distracted, there’s also a chance that their heart is not in the cards. In this case, it’s time to look elsewhere for someone who cares about you and the work that…

What To Bring To Your Reading

When getting a tarot reading, how you approach it is important. Going into a reading prepared can make the experience much more fulfilling. You are more likely to get something accurate and useful. Both you and the psychic will have a smoother, more enjoyable time. Whether it’s your first reading or your fiftieth, taking steps beforehand will make sure you get the most out of the experience. What You Want To Know You’re here for answers, so bring some questions. If you’re going into a reading for the first time, or just for fun, you can go in with a broad question. Something like “what’s my future going to be like?” is open-ended, and could yield unexpected results. It is really vague, though, and chances are your answers will be as well. If there’s something in your life that’s causing you stress, think about how to ask the cards. Your psychic can help, but it’s important not to spend too much time explaining the problem to them. Come up with a three basic questions about your focus, and be open to new ones you might come up with when faced with the cards. Clothes You Are Comfortable In Your psychic is learning about you from the moment the two of…


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