What You Should Keep in a Tarot Journal

Are you an aspiring Tarot reader? Do you find the Tarot interesting on a personal level? Are you just curious about the Tarot and all of the secrets that it holds? Then it sounds like it’s about time that you kept a Tarot journal. These journals look just like any other, the only difference is that you’re keeping notes on one aspect of your life rather than everyday living. You’ll find that you learn a lot from keeping a journal, but you’ve got to know what you’re supposed to be observing. If you want to get in on this but don’t know how, then try these three exercises to learn more about the Tarot and yourself.

The Morning Draw

"Draw the card which strikes your mind"

“Draw the card which strikes your mind”

This is a very straightforward way to get to know a card every day. While you’re sitting down for breakfast or a cup of coffee, draw out one card from your deck. This isn’t a reading on your day or anything, but it could very well be something that you relate to. The Tarot has a way of doing that. But as you look at it notice what you see in the background. Notice how the characters involved look like their feeling. Then read up on what your book has to say about this card. Write it all down so that you remember when you look back and read about it.


"Write down every reading to keep a track of your progress"

“Write down every reading to keep a track of your progress”

If you have decided to do readings, either on yourself or on someone else, and then you now have a place to write them down. You don’t have to write about every reading that you do, but by keeping track you’ll see how you’ve answered other people’s questions as well as your own and you’ll be able to keep track of how that plays out in your day to day life. You also get to keep track of your progress, too. You may have started off doing simple readings but now you’ve worked your way up to a Celtic Cross layout. You should be proud with your progress, so mark it all down.

Card Meanings

Many people have a stigma attached to certain cards, like the Ten of Swords or Death. They only think of the negative things attached to these cards. But take them out of your deck and try to think of a positive message that they might bring. For each one that you find you have a negative feeling toward, write at least two scenarios that you feel could be positive. That way when this card comes up you won’t be biased in its meaning. You could also do the same exercise for cards that you generally have good feelings toward. This isn’t to confuse your senses, it’s just to sharpen them and create an anti-bias.

The Fool’s Journey

The Major Arcana is actually known as The Fool’s Journey to many. It starts out with card zero, The Fool, and follows him and his little dog until they reach The World. Take out these cards and write down the journey that you see him going on.


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