When To Disconnect From A Live Online Reader

Live online tarot readers can be a fulfilling experience. They are much more available and allow you to get a personalized reading from the comfort of your own home. There is someone there to interpret the cards and see what lies within them, as opposed to relying on keywords. Finding the right one, can be tricky, though. Online readings are a much less personal experience. Some sites look to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. The advantage, though, is that if something goes bad it’s easy to disconnect and find a new reader.

When The Personal Connection Fails

"If the reader is giving you negative vibes then it's time to move on"

“If the reader is giving you negative vibes then it’s time to move on”

Online readings don’t allow for much space for chatting, so it means you have to go with your gut. When your reader comes online and introduces themselves, consider them with care. How do they make you feel? Are they someone you are willing to share your problems with? Though tarot readings are short, some people find it a personal experience even over the web. If the reader gives you bad vibes, it’s time to find another one. If they seem bored or distracted, there’s also a chance that their heart is not in the cards. In this case, it’s time to look elsewhere for someone who cares about you and the work that they do.

Your Computer Is At Risk

"If a reader's website seems suspicious to you"

“If a reader’s website seems suspicious to you”

There are plenty of unsafe websites of all types on the Internet. Unfortunately, some of these sites target tarot enthusiasts. While there are plenty of sites with respectable readers, the rare one will put your computer at risk for viruses or spyware. Make sure there is virus protection installed on your computer. If it pings something on the site, or on a scan after visiting it, it’s time to find a new one. This precaution is particularly important any time you pay a reader for your service. No readings are worth having to pay through the nose for computer repairs.

You Can’t See The Cards

Depending on the setup of the reader, you might have a good view of the entire table. For others, you can only see the reader as they work the cards. For some readers, the personal connection is important. Thus, setting up the camera with a focus on them helps establish a connection between the two of you. Some, though, use it as an excuse to work the readings as they want. Once the connection has been set up and you’ve discussed what sort of spread you want, request that the camera looks on the cards. If they firmly refuse, something’s up. It’s time to find another reader.

The Internet Connection Fails

Before you commit to a reading, make sure all the technology is sound on your end. Your computer and internet connection should support video chatting without trouble. Cutting out in the middle of a reading could lead to incomplete information. Also make sure that the audio is clear, both sending and receiving. Mishearing in cases like this can be frustrating. If you know everything is clear on your end but the call is still having problems, then chances are the bad connection is with the reader.


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