Why a High Customer Rating Doesn’t Always Mean They’re the Right Psychic for You

It can be tough to find an online psychic who can deliver satisfactory readings. Given how many of them are out there, searching for one that works for you can be tedious. This is why many psychic reading websites have systems that allow users to rate the various practitioner featured. That way, customers like you can log on and search for high rated psychics to hire. It seems like a system that would work pretty well, and in most cases it would. However, given the personal nature of many psychic readings, you’re not just going to want to settle for someone who’s been rated five starts out of five. There are other aspects to choosing a personal psychic that you should consider before you go on to make your final choice.


"Chemistry - A crucial element for better psychic reading"

“Chemistry – A crucial element for better psychic reading”

Just like a psychic should feel a connection to the tools they use, you should feel a connection to the psychic doing the reading for you. It’s a pretty simple concept. Would you want to go to a dentist that you found repulsive? Getting an accurate psychic reading requires that both you and the person doing the reading be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, the reading may be inaccurate or may be completely jumbled. This is why you want to run with a psychic that you find relatable. This is also why you shouldn’t just pick a psychic based on their high rating. Yes, they may have five stars for a hundred other users, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll feel a connection to them at all. It’s better to look for a psychic that appeals to you personally rather than pick one who appeals to other people.


While it’s not important to everyone that the psychic they choose have extensive experience, it is important to other people. This is something you should consider before you choose a psychic based simply on the rating they received from other users. Always check to see what kind of experience they’re boasting. Obviously, the more experienced psychics are going to be more adept at doing readings, which means that there’s a greater chance that their readings will be more accurate. Being as most online psychics will list their experience on their profiles, it should be easy enough for you to check this out.


"Good appearance is not the only factor; psychics should commit accurate readings"

“Good appearance is not the only factor; psychics should commit accurate readings”

Online psychics range greatly in regards to appearances, experience, and showmanship. For some of them, putting on a good show is just as important as the rest of the reading. However, sometimes that showmanship can come at the expense of an accurate reading. Just because they put on a good show they might get a high rating on the site, which means that you may choose them without knowing that their readings are more about flash than substance. You should always check to see if there are sample videos on their profiles in order to getter a better idea of what kind of reading you’d be receiving from them. If it’s all about creating an aura of mystery over actually doing a reading, it might be time to pick another psychic who focuses more on your request.


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