Why It’s Important to Be Familiar With Reversal Meanings

For many people, the only exposure they’ve had to tarot cards is what they see in popular media. For this reason, people often assume that whatever image a card presents is actually the meaning. A perfect example of this is assuming that the sixth card of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, means that you’ll find love in your life or that the thirteenth card, Death, means you’ll experience death somehow in your life. This is really not the case. Each card has several meanings attached to it that must be interpreted carefully in regards to whatever question you’ve asked of the cards or whatever problem you’re looking to have solved. Additionally, each card has a reversed meaning, which means that when they appear in a spread upside down that the meaning changes. Many people don’t account for reversed meanings when getting a reading done (or doing the reading themselves), which means that they can be surprised by what they’re told.

Opposite Meaning

"You may misinterpret the meaning of the cards"

“You may misinterpret the meaning of the cards”

In some cases, a reversed card will actually have a meaning that is the opposite of what the upright meaning. For example, seeing The Emperor upright can represent authority and resolve. However, drawing The Emperor reversed can represent tyranny instead of authority and weakness instead of resolve. It’s important to be able to recognize the reversed meanings, particularly when you’re having your cards read in order to gain insight on a crucial question or problem you’re facing in your life. If you’re not aware of the reversed meanings, you may misinterpret what the cards are attempting to tell you.

Emotional Truths

"You can realize the actual truth of what's really happening to you"

“You can realize the actual truth of what’s really happening to you”

Many of us aren’t aware of the depth or roots of our emotions, which is why tarot readings can really prove beneficial. Many people turn to tarot readings in order to try and fix, improve, or jumpstart their romantic lives. The cards can provide you with insights regarding why you’re unlucky in love or indicate to you whether love is in the future for you. However, without understanding just what the cards mean in reverse, you may be getting led astray by misinterpreting a reversed card. For example, if you draw The Lovers card reversed, the actual meaning could be that the feelings you have for a certain person aren’t being returned and that you’re loving in vain. If you simply interpret it as though it appeared upright, however, you’re likely going to take it as a sign that you should continue in the direction your emotions are taking you. A reversed card can reveal to you the way you really feel. If you know what The Lovers represent reversed, you can closely examine your emotions and will likely realize that you knew all along that what you felt wasn’t real.

Spotting a Fake

Another good reason to know the reversed meanings of cards is that it can help you spot a reader that is a fake. Obviously this isn’t something you’d need to do if you read the cards yourself, but if you like to get readings done by others and you pay for the service, it’s important to be able to tell if you’re being had. Being aware of a reversed meaning can help you weed out the authentic psychics from the false.


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