Why Mental Illness and Psychics Don’t Mix

"A psychic might not be the best person to go to when mental issues arise"

“A psychic might not be the best person to go to when mental issues arise”

Whenever a person is dealing with a serious issue in life, it’s not uncommon for them to want to reach out to a psychic for some guidance. It can be a great way to gain enlightenment or closure for an issue that is has been weighing on the mind. Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are being examined more closely these days, and studies have shown that these disorders are more common than some might imagine. If someone suffers from a mental illness of any kind, here are a few reasons why consulting a psychic might not be the best choice.

Taking the Reading the Wrong Way

It’s common for someone with a mental disorder to over think most situations in life. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common disorders for a person to experience, and can stunt the well-being of an individual suffering from them by clouding basic judgments and causing them to become paranoid or unmotivated because of situations or comments that normally wouldn’t bother the average person. Whether it’s a disorder such as anxiety, OCD, or Schizophrenia, a psychic might not be the best person to go to when issues arise. Anxiety and depression can leave a client feeling even worse upon leaving than they did going into the session. They could very well look into the psychics words too deeply, their minds might twist the reading around and find issues that weren’t there to begin with, or they develop a sense of dread over a situation because the Tarot told them that problems might pop up in the future. Someone with OCD could find potential issues with a psychic as well, and might become too reliant on them and the readings. This will keep them from functioning in their everyday life properly, and won’t actually benefit them. If a person’s mental disorder is something they can keep under control, a psychic likely won’t be damaging to their mental health. However, if the client has a tendency to be triggered easily, skip the psychic and find other ways to confront the issue. Seek out a doctor that can help with these issues instead, then decide whether or not a psychic is the right choice.

Seeking Professional Help Instead

"Consulting a doctor or therapist is a better option"

“Consulting a doctor or therapist is a better option”

If a person with a mental illness or disorder is currently seeing a psychic and they find themselves suffering after each reading, it’s time to seek out professional help instead. Psychics are a fantastic way to help tap into the spiritual realm and find guidance. Sometimes though, a disorder can get in the way of a proper reading. If the Tarot picks up on the negative vibrations of issues such as a major depressive disorder, it could very well throw off the reading. A person needs to enter a session with as clear a mind as possible. Seeking out the professional help of a doctor or therapist first might be necessary. They are there to help and will be able to provide a solution to whatever mental illness they are presented. Save the psychic for when you’re feeling clear and recharged, and you’ll have a much better outcome with the reading. Both the client and the psychic will appreciate the ease and change of seeking out professional help first.


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