The Essential Tarot: Your Guide to Avoiding Scams Online

Not every single site is going to end up giving you the right information, but we’ve got it here for you in our tarot card guide. It’s important to know what you’re getting into.

We’ve got your back.

Whether its advice on tarot card services or how to avoid scams, we know the best ways around the industry…and how to really get in touch with the spiritual realm.

Finding the Path and Avoiding Pitfalls: Getting a Guide That Really Works

Finding a guide that’s going to actually lead you through the spiritual realm is paramount to accurate readings. Fortunately, we can help you spot them.

Wolves in the Wood: Spotting and Avoiding Scam Tarot Reading Sites

You don’t want to end up scammed, and that’s why we’re here to show you the signs of a scammy tarot reading site. Don’t let yourself get caught there.

Online Tarot Reading Methods That Work…and Ones That Really Don’t

There are a lot of reading methods that can end up giving you an accurate prediction, but not all of them are created equally. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

How to React When You Suspect Your Tarot Reader Isn’t the Real Deal

Understanding how to handle a situation with an illegitimate tarot reader is important, and we know how to do it. We’ve got the scoop on getting you up to speed.

Getting Refunds the Easy Way If Your Tarot Reading Goes Sour

Getting a refund doesn’t have to be a headache and a half. If something goes wrong, you’re entitled to one, and we know the best ways to go about it.

Can You Trust a Tarot Reader With No Professional Experience?

Not every single tarot reader is going to be as professionally endowed as the last. Fortunately, there are some that you can trust--but you need to know when to do so.

Is Free Truly Free?: The Hidden Costs of Free Psychic Readings

Free readings aren’t always the best course of action, and you do need to understand that free’s not always going to really mean that. Spot the signs.

Not Just in the Cards: The Other Spiritual Services Real Readers Can Provide

There’s a lot that a tarot reading site can end up providing you that isn’t just tarot. Know what to expect, and know what you can end up finding there.

Love, Family, and Future: How to Find a Reader With Specific Expertise

Finding readers with specialties is important, and it can end up giving you much more accurate readings in general. Don’t miss out on a good chance.

What Can a Real Reader Really See?: Knowing What (& What Not) to Expect

Knowing what a real reader can accurately predict is important. You can’t expect the impossible, but there are a few things that you can get by with.

Common Pitfalls That Will Ruin a Tarot Reading, and How to Avoid Them

It’s important to understand what can end up running a tarot reading into the ground, and by knowing that, you can end up avoiding these kinds of mistakes.

Simple and Quick Ways to Prep Your Space for an Online Tarot Reading

Your space needs to be as balanced as you are, and that’s why you should always make sure that you’re prepared when you go in for a reading.

The Questions You Have to Ask (and Avoid) When Consulting the Tarot

Some questions need to be asked during a reading while others absolutely need to be avoided. Here are the ones that you just can’t go without.

Clarity, Please: Why Vague Readings Aren’t Just “Part of the Trade”

Vague readings aren’t something that you should be getting used to. Accurate readings that actually give you specific information are what you need.

Will More Give You More?: Obtaining Guidance From Multiple Readers

Multiple readers might sound like a great idea, but it can end up clouding the kinds of guidance that you’re looking for. Understand when to go for that second opinion.

Resolving Conflicting Tarot Readings, and Moving Forward With Confidence

There are a lot of ways to get a conflicting reading out there, but you don’t always want to end up dealing with that. You have to know how to get through it.

Finding Your Guru: How to Find a Reader You Can Rely on Regularly

A guru that you can end up going back to again and again is something that’s worth its weight in gold. Understand how to find a reader that you can trust.

Applying Your Guidance to Life: Easy Ways to Take the Tarot’s Advice

Taking a tarot reading’s advice and applying it to real life is sometimes easier said than done, but fortunately, we know the best ways to apply that knowledge.


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