Getting Refunds the Easy Way If Your Tarot Reading Goes Sour

Even when it’s not an outright scam, you might end up wanting your money back after a reading. There are a lot of reasons for this, and it’s never not valid to follow through with them.

If you aren’t satisfied, ask.

This is especially valid if it’s a guaranteed tarot reading, and that means that your satisfaction is going to end up being a hugely important part of coming out on top here.

Tarot Card Reading info guide

Using a site with a money back guarantee is important in the case of using newbie tarot readers especially, but it’s something that should apply to all skill levels.

There are a lot of ways to end up getting that cash back without burning bridges, and you do need to be able to keep a calm, level head regarding it if you want to be successful.

Getting Your Money Back Isn’t a Crime if You Were Wronged. Here’s How to Do It.

There are few main reasons that you can end up asking for that cash back, and it usually has a lot to do with unclear results, or simply horrible timing in the event of an inaccurate reading.

You need to be direct with your reader if this is the case, and end up explaining the situation. You can usually ask for your money back here, or end up getting another reading.

Depending on what you prefer, your reader might be more open to some ideas than others. You don’t want to end up upsetting them by demanding for more than you’re owed.

Be polite.

Pen on Paper

There’s a fine balance whenever you’re looking for reliable tarot card reading. You want to be polite, but you really don’t want to end up being a pushover about your results.

If you aren’t satisfied, then you aren’t satisfied. That’s something that’s as plain as day, and it’s something that you shouldn’t stop fighting for just because it would be easier.

Keeping this in mind will usually get you what you want, and if you’re polite and understanding, then your reader will usually be the same. You won’t end up burning that bridge.

Review the contract.

Reviewing your reading site’s money back guarantee will usually give you the ammunition in order to go to your tarot reader, and point out why you should be refunded.

When faced with the facts, most readers are going to end up giving you what you ask right from the start, and it’s going to end up being a pretty easy experience through and through.

Hopefully, you won’t have to end up bringing customer service into the equation, but if that does end up being the case, just stay polite, and make sure that you aren’t lying about anything!


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