Can You Trust a Tarot Reader With No Professional Experience?

There are plenty of tarot readers online that are just starting out, and there are plenty with a ton of professional experience. You don’t need to always be leery of the former.

They can still be great.

An established tarot reader is a great thing, and there’s no point in ignoring that fact. Plenty of readers have their own late-night hotlines, or their own, individual websites.

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While those kinds of readers are often the ones that people end up going to repeatedly, there’s nothing wrong with checking out the newbies that you’ll see online.

We know, we know–an eighteen year old hire with a Hello Kitty deck might not exactly be appealing, but sometimes, if you want some really great rates, it can be worth it.

Everyone Has to Start Out Somewhere! Don’t Underestimate a Newbie Reader. Here’s Why.

Generally, the more experience the better is always going to end up being the rule of thumb–but that doesn’t always mean that ignoring every single newbie is the answer.

You’ll get deeper and more thought-out explanations from those that have been around for awhile, but who knows how many times they’ve said the exact same lines?

Everyone has to start out somewhere. This is why giving a newbie a chance can be a really smart choice, and it can really help you relax into the world of tarot reading.

It means fresh angles.

One thing that newbies really do have in their favor is the fact that, well, they’re new. They aren’t simply spewing out the same stuff that they’ve said for ten years running.

The thing about newbies is that they are always trying out new things, trying to innovate, and they are absolutely going to end up giving you more personalized readings.

This is because they simply don’t know you, and they don’t know how to sugarcoat things into the way that everyone else is saying it yet. This can work for more specific readings.

Newbies are cheaper.

Cheap Tarot Readings

While an established spiritualist might sound really sparkly and cool, it’s also going to come with a really sparkly, high price. That’s not something everyone can pay.

Notably, not every single great reader out there is going to end up making you spend a fortune on them, but overall, newbies are simply going to end up priced more cheaply.

This is something that you can use to your advantage. If you’ve wanted to see a specialist for awhile, for example, you can talk to a newbie and get their viewpoint instead of someone really pricey.

We all start somewhere.

A fresh angle and a refreshing viewpoint might be the thing that you need with a lot of deep-seated issues. This is when a newbie can come in handy, and remember we all start off new!


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