Resolving Conflicting Tarot Readings, and Moving Forward With Confidence

If you’ve recently sought out a second opinion in your tarot readings, then it’s very likely that you’ve gotten some conflicting readings. This needs to be resolved on your end.

But how do you do it?

When you’re trying to resolve psychic readings, it can end up being a complicated process at times. You obviously don’t want to end up overlooking one for the other.

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Even if you’re just visiting one tarot expert, sometimes you can end up with a conflicting reading from one week to the next. This can end up being confusing for your life.

You don’t need to give up, however. It can be easy to consolidate these readings if you know what to look for, and as time goes on, they can end up making more sense.

Don’t Throw Out Those Conflicting Readings. You Can Make Them Make Sense, and We Know How.

You don’t need to give up just because you’ve had one reading not entirely line up with the rest of them. It might be some elaborate symbolism, or it might be something you’re just not getting at first glance.

The first step is to always end up looking for similar threads in your predictions. They might not be as contradictory as you first thought, especially if one is more vague than the other.

This can end up being helped out with a good reader as well, and you should never end up counting out their advice if you just aren’t getting what is trying to be said.

Don’t get bogged down.

Getting caught up in the specifics of a reading can really end up affecting the way that you interpret them, which is absolutely not the way that you should be going about it.

When you’re trying to get clear tarot results, it can often end up being a struggle if you’re only looking for one, specific answer. You’ve got to approach them with an open mind.

Overall, a reading that you want to mean one thing might honestly just mean something entirely different…and you’re only wanting to see it one way, so it becomes confusing.

Relax, and move on.

Looking Into the Distance

If one reading just plain doesn’t make sense to you in your life as it is right now, just try to resolve what you can from it, and end up moving on from that point to come back later.

Some readings aren’t going to always be clear cut and make sense. That doesn’t mean that they’re vague–it just means that they aren’t relevant to your life at the moment.

Remember that the spirit realm is going to end up working in different ways at different times. While you might want an answer to current questions, that can’t always happen.

Clarity will come.

With any reading that you receive, remember that clarity can easily end up coming along later. You might just need to sit on it, and suddenly, it can dawn on you.


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