How to React When You Suspect Your Tarot Reader Isn’t the Real Deal

It’s more common than you’d think–coming across a tarot reader that has a ton of experience, boasts their professionalism, and then just ends up coming across flat in a reading.

How do you deal?

Knowing how to end up dealing with a tarot reader that’s less than reliable is important. You want a trustworthy tarot reader, of course, but it won’t always end up that way.

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You need to know how to not only confront them, but to figure out how to avoid those situations all over again. By doing so, you’re protecting yourself and your wallet.

Knowing how to first react in a situation like this is going to end up saving you a lot of grief, and help you from getting in way too deep. Fortunately, we’ve been there before.

There’s No Shame in Being Able to Spot a Shady Reader. Here’s How to Manage That Situation.

With all of the customer service in the world, it can still be a little bit complicated to handle a reader that’s simply not being truthful to you, or not giving you their all.

This is why it’s up to you be calm and levelheaded whenever you’re handling your reader personally. If you feel like you’ve been wronged, you don’t need to attack back.

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to ask for a refund, and it’s not always going to be something that your reader wants to agree with. You just have to be diplomatic.

Be polite.

First of all, you should talk directly to the reader that you feel hasn’t given you the most quality of service. Tell them what upset you, and try to work with them to remedy this.

The most common issues that tend to come up in this case are very vague readings, entirely inaccurate readings, or just a general lack of special care to your needs.

If you went to a specialist, for example, that didn’t give you their specialized sight in a reading, that’s obviously going to end up turning you off and making you want a refund.

Check customer support next.

Customer Support

It’s extremely important to go with a site that has great customer support, because in the event that your reader refuses to give you a refund, they need to be your next stop.

A money back guarantee might not sound like such an important thing with tarot reading sites, but that’s the opposite. It’s one of the most important things you should be looking for.

This guarantee is going to protect you in the event that you feel like you didn’t get the services that were supposed to be rendered–and it’s not going to leave you at the mercy of scammers.

Don’t back down.

We’re not going to tell you to be a stickler about accuracy, but don’t back down if you honestly feel like you haven’t gotten the reading you paid for. Get what you deserve.


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