Can Hit the Mark in Tarot Card Reading Sites? We Say No is actually something of a shocking example of a tarot site, and that’s because there’s not much of anything here that’s ever going to get better. It’s so bland. The first impression that you’re going to end up getting with this particular site is the fact that it’s absolutely barren, horribly designed, and not at all conducive to a real reading. This site basically is a purple background with a single logo on it and a couple of links. If you think that you’ll learn anything about tarot on a site like this, you’re insane. Sites like this one aren’t going to be a magnet for customers or for real psychics, which means that you’re already going to run into issues with actually finding a real reader. It’s shocking. We’re not sure who told the owners of this site that it would be good enough to keep running on the Internet, but they were wrong. This is a very, very stagnant site. They only usually offer automated readings, which makes this site a hot spot for a lot of scammers. You’re not going to be able see a lot of real recruiting going on here. With all of this in mind, you can only assume that customer service is…

Can Do Anything as a Tarot Card Reading Site? Nope

With a site like, you aren’t going to be able to expect much. This site definitely is bare bones, and it’s not exactly the pinnacle of trying to fix that and get better. It’s boring. The first thing that you’re going to end up noticing about this site is that it’s all about horoscopes. That’s fine and all, but the main focus here is not on tarot reading. It’s disappointing to end up seeing a site like that advertise a ton of different tarot readings. Ultimately, it’s not going to end up attracting the kind of professionals that you want to see. This site definitely has problems in its selection process, as it tends to hire whoever comes along. They’re just looking to try and boost their numbers at this point. It’s unappealing. Without any high numbers of psychics ever online, it’s really difficult to justify spending a ton of money on a site like this one. There’s just not a lot of quality around. You’re not going to get a specialist here, that’s for sure, which is going to end up leaving you with a lot of vague readings that really aren’t going to be abel to properly guide you. With all of this weighing you down, this…

Can Do Anything in the Realm of Tarot Card Reading? Nope!

It’s unfortunate, but is a site that really comes off as being built in some high schooler’s basement. There’s not a lot of positives to come from that. It’s hard to use. From the start, you’re going to find this layout confusing and difficult to use, and it’s definitely going to be the kind of site that leaves you feeling disappointed and bogged down. The navigation is hard to decipher, and it’s mostly because it was built on a template that shouldn’t be used for any sort of chat site. This site definitely can’t stand up. Beyond that, it’s very dated. A lot of the software just doesn’t quite work, and they need to really work on their site being compatible with every single browser out there. It’s empty. The problems of this particular site end up coming to a head in the fact that it’s basically empty. They just don’t seem to be able to keep any real, live psychics around. This ends up giving you very few options in the way of getting a live reading, and most of the time, the site tries to push you out onto a bunch of automated reading options. That’s not going to end up giving you the accuracy that you… is a Miss in the Tarot Card Reading Site List might have a long name, but it’s a long name that immediately sets our teeth on edge. Why? Because it’s immediately toting things about free readings. That’s just crap. When it comes to tarot readings, you’re going to get what you pay for. That’s definitely the case with these pop up, free sites that you’re going to end up seeing everywhere. With this particular site, you’re automatically going to find that it has a lot to do with automated readings, which is obviously not something that you’re going to want to spend cash on. Automated readings are rarely accurate, and if they are, it’s usually because of pure coincidence. This isn’t going to end up being something that you want to drop money on. It’s empty. Other than the fact that most of the site is just covered in automated readings, the rest of it is honestly empty. They need to start recruiting more real psychics, fast. They don’t have the numbers for consistent live chats, which makes it a huge disappointment in a number of different ways. You just can’t get an accurate reading here. This is especially an issue when it comes to specialists. You’re not going to end up getting anything close to a specialized reading…

Can Work for Tarot Card Reading Guidance? No Way! is definitely an unfortunate site, and that’s because one glance at it is going to end up driving away a ton of newbies and experts alike. It’s just…really barren. It’s so dated. When a website honestly looks this dated, it doesn’t matter how good the content is–the site itself is just not going to end up bringing around a steady stream of traffic. That’s definitely one of the main issues here, and it’s why a lot of professionals in the world of tarot reading aren’t going to want to end up spending their time and focus here. It’s hard for this site to recruit, so they mostly accept anyone that ends up applying. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal method to keep anyone around on your site. It’s very sketchy. This site might be trying to extend into the world of zodiac and other kinds of psychic reading, but it just comes off as sketchy and pretty half-hearted at the best of times. This site needs some serious updating, and it really needs to focus on the original purpose for which it was founded, which was with reliable tarot reading online. There’s nothing of the sort about that right now, which makes it a site that you’re going to really…

Can Work for Tarot Reading Guidance? Not a Chance

With sites like, you’re going to only end up facing disappointment from the very start. The reason for this is because of the poor design concept from the beginning. It’s not good enough. Sites like this one are definitely going to start off by scaring newbies away. This comes from the very boring, basic design that this particular tarot site is sporting online. Their layout is absolutely a template, which means that you’re going to end up throwing away a ton of time just trying to make sense of why it looks so ugly and dated. A site like that isn’t going to end up attracting a lot of professionals, so that means that most of your readers are going to end up pretty flat, and usually done by newbies. That’s if you can find anyone. If you can’t end up even finding a single psychic online, don’t be surprised. This site is very sparsely populated, and that’s because they don’t really recruit all that often. This is going to lead to some very basic readings if anything at all, and that’s not something that you should end up spending a ton of cash on as a general rule. It’s not worth it. Sites like this are the bane…

Can Provide the Tarot Card Reading Guidance You Need? looks like it was thrown together circa 2001, and that’s not a compliment. This site is extremely dated, and that’s going to be really off-putting to you. It’s not good. When a website’s layout looks this dated, you have to wonder if they even care at all about their customers, or how their customers are going to end up faring online. For any newbies attempting to make this site work for them, good luck. There’s not much at all to it, and that’s something that’s going to end up dragging you down during use. They don’t seem to have a lot of updated, accurate information about online tarot reading, and mostly, they seem obsessed with the concept of automated readings. That’s just sad. This is a site that’s seriously in need of TLC, and that means that a lot of new, fresh faces aren’t going to end up appearing here. They have a hard time keeping psychics around. This is what makes this site end up resorting to some pretty half-hearted recruiting efforts, and in general, you’ll have a hard time seeing new professionals here. Most of the time, you’ll be lucky to even see any psychics available for chats at all. This is a site that’s only going…

Can Do the Job in Tarot Card Reading? We Say Not a Chance

We’re sure that feels really proud about being able to snatch up a name like this one and keep rolling with it, but that’s about as far as we can hope for them. They’re not good. This site clearly hasn’t been keeping up on the times, and that means that while it might have a savvy domain name and a lot of potential, they don’t use it in the slightest. The layout is a dated mess. They’re obviously trying to appeal to the new age crowd, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, the layout still needs to actually be usable. It’s hard to even find the navigation on this site, and this is ultimately going to end up being a huge downfall for any newbies that try to come along and make it work for them. It’s empty. Because of this site’s traffic issues and overall layout problems, it’s kind of understandable to see that there just aren’t that many psychics running around here. It’s the kind of site that really needs to modify its recruiting policies, too. They don’t have a lot of stringent tests, and they definitely don’t take the time to educate their psychics. With all of this in combination, it’s no surprise that it’s…

Can Do Anything as a Tarot Card Guidance Site? Nope!

Unfortunately for, this site is extremely dated. It’s also relying on the gimmick of fast, automated tarot readings, which isn’t exactly something that it should be proud of. It’s not accurate. With sites like this, you’re only ever going to end up disappointed. They don’t seem to have a large number of psychics floating around, and they certainly aren’t going to get more. This site’s layout is often to blame, because it’s extremely sparse. You’re not going to end up having an easy time of finding even the most basic navigation here. They are mostly relying on gimmicks in order to get more customers, which is obviously less than ideal. Sites like this just aren’t equipped to deal with actual content. That’s not changing. While it would be nice for a site to have a little bit of extra information about other parts of the spiritual realm, this particular site can’t even seem to get basic tarot reading down. This means that they really need to go back to the basics if they’re looking to actually keep anyone around, and to actually grow as a website as a whole in the community. They need to really work on those recruiting tactics, and how they’re screening their psychics. Maybe if…

Can Come Close in the World of Tarot Card Reading Guidance? Nope!

It’s unfortunate, but doesn’t seem to have that strong of a focus in the realm of actual tarot reading. Mostly, this site seems to be more about new age healing. That’s not the point. While it’s fine for a site to really have a strong focus on one kind of sight or another, that’s not something that’s going to really happen here. It’s mostly about other things, not tarot. Because of this, you’re going to find that most of their information about tarot is pushed to the side, or kind of incomplete. It’s not an ideal site for any sort of newbie. If you’re looking for accurate readings, it’s probably not going to happen here courtesy of how limited their psychics seem to be. This sort of setting is just not ideal. It’s pretty barren. A barren tarot site isn’t something that you’re going to want to waste your time with, especially if it’s barren in a way that means you’re just not going to get the psychic attention you need. They don’t really seem to have any specialists on their staff, and there are definitely a lot of automated readings that aren’t going to give you real information at all. With all of this combined, it’s just not…


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