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When a site advertises tarot readings, one would think that they would have tarot readings on offer. This site doesn't, and only offers sparse, bare-bones readings and professionals that barely know what they're doing.

With a site like, you aren’t going to be able to expect much. This site definitely is bare bones, and it’s not exactly the pinnacle of trying to fix that and get better.

It’s boring.

The first thing that you’re going to end up noticing about this site is that it’s all about horoscopes. That’s fine and all, but the main focus here is not on tarot reading.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

It’s disappointing to end up seeing a site like that advertise a ton of different tarot readings. Ultimately, it’s not going to end up attracting the kind of professionals that you want to see.

This site definitely has problems in its selection process, as it tends to hire whoever comes along. They’re just looking to try and boost their numbers at this point.

It’s unappealing.

Without any high numbers of psychics ever online, it’s really difficult to justify spending a ton of money on a site like this one. There’s just not a lot of quality around.

You’re not going to get a specialist here, that’s for sure, which is going to end up leaving you with a lot of vague readings that really aren’t going to be abel to properly guide you.

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Read our reviews of the biggest tarot card reading on the web to see who really works by the numbers.

With all of this weighing you down, this is a site that’s going to become a source of stress more than a source of strength. It’s better just to avoid this kind of site altogether.

The Numbers Aren’t Enough

With our Astrolis rating, we were really not happy when it came to the results. This is a site that definitely just can’t even begin to stand out of a crowd, and that shows.

It’s not good.

It all starts out with the selection process for their psychics, which is not exactly something positive. We were only able to give this site a 2.5 out of 10 on our rating scale.

When it came down to the numbers, that was a serious problem, in the way of how many psychics they had online, too. At most, we saw only a few dozen, so our rating was only at 2.5 out of 10.

Customer service is another issue here. If you have any complaints, you’re not going to be able to get in touch with an administrator with any ease. It’s just a hot mess, so our score was a 2.5 out of 10.

It’s just sad.

You’d expect a quality site to have some higher prices if they have renowned psychics working there, but not a site that barely has anyone lurking around on it online.

This site, however, is the latter, and it doesn’t seem to have anything close to reasonable prices. For their basic sessions, you still have to pay $3.00 per minute.

These numbers are outrageous, and definitely not what is going to help you get an accurate reading from a psychic that you can trust. It’s much better to just skip this one.

A Miss in Features

The more that you hunt through this site for more Astrolis tarot services, the less you’re ultimately going to be able to find. Not only is this site pretty bare bones, but it’s just…boring.

It’s dumb.

The main concept of this particular site does seem to be way more focused around the art of zodiac–or at least, as much art as this site can ever end up thinking of.

Sites like this one just aren’t up to par in the realm of giving you some great service, and they don’t seem to understand the need to spread some valuable information around.

This leads to a lack of professionals actually being present on the site. You’re not going to end up happy with the results that you get because of this, and there’s low accuracy, too.

It sucks.

This particular site’s accuracy rating was only at 2 out of 10 because of these issues, and that’s why we really can’t say that we’d ever be able to trust this particular site.

In general, this is a site that just doesn’t focus on employing real, proven psychics. This is obvious because their selection process is literally sign up, you’re in.

They also notably do not have a guaranteed money back policy, which is going to end up taking a lot of the desire to even try this site out of you. It’s just not worth it at all.

Sad Links Everywhere

This site’s Twitter is honestly just useless in all forms, so skip it:

Don’t bother wasting your time with this particular Facebook:

This site’s app is more of a joke than anything else: For a Tarot Card Reading Site, It’s Just a Total Miss Online

When it comes to, you’re just not going to be happy. This is a site that’s only going to end up disappointing you, and we’ve proven that through our review.

Skip it.

Sites like this one don’t have a lot of customer service focus, and they really don’t care what happens with their customers coming back or not. It’s just going to be a mess.

They definitely aren’t focused on employing actual, real psychics to give you the most accurate readings possible, and that’s what ends up making it a disaster for you.

Spending cash here is just going to empty your wallet and leave you with a sense of vagueness. The point of readings should be to clear things up, not make it more difficult.

Forget it.

Instead of wasting your time with a site like this one, you really should be headed to the top of the charts with our number one site instead, and that site

With a great reading site, you’ll quickly be able to get the answers that you’ve been looking for. You’ll have specialists available to help you find the path that you need.

Having your spiritual path illuminated can really end up changing a lot of things in your life. There’s no point in wasting your time if you can end up with a site that’s great from the start.

It stands out.

Give a great tarot reading site a chance, and you’re really going to be able to see a difference.


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