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It leaves a lot to be desired on nearly every count. Not only are there perilously few psychics available, but the ones on staff just don't seem to be chosen selectively. The site itself is barren of a spiritual community.–otherwise known as Lotus Tarot–might look like a shiny, sparkly new site at first, but it doesn’t really seem to go beyond that. It’s basic beyond the layout.

It’s not enough.

A tarot site really does need to take the time to have features beyond their basic claims of ‘accuracy’, and this site doesn’t seem to even try to have anything of the sort.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

On most sites, you’ll see a lot of information posted about at least the basics of tarot, and what it can end up offering in your life. There’s not anything close to that here.

This site also just doesn’t seem to have anything beyond tarot readings. A psychic’s depth is actually quite broad, but this site doesn’t try to make use of that at all.

It’s disappointing.

The thing about this site is that it’s just…barren. Newbies aren’t exactly going to find that appealing, and it’s going to end up being a difficult sell for anyone starting out.

The serious lack of psychics here is also troubling. Their recruitment numbers are low, and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the actual process that they have in place.

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Overall, this site doesn’t impress. It’s just not the kind of site that gives you a lot to do, and if you’re stopping by for an accurate reading from time to time, you won’t be happy.

The Numbers Should be Avoided

As a part of our Free-Tarot-Reading rating, we were able to thoroughly survey the site and actually dig into it fully. We weren’t entirely impressed with what we found.

It’s not so great.

The main issue with this site comes from the recruitment issues that they have with their psychics. Their screening process isn’t aggressive, nor is it thorough with a 6.5 out of 10 rating.

From there, you can quickly start to realize that this site is just not up to par. They don’t have very many psychics running around, thus our rating of only 6 out of 10 in availability.

Finally, you have to look at customer service. With low staff numbers in general, this site doesn’t seem to really be that concerned about those using it, thus our rating of 6 out of 10.

You deserve more.

This site also doesn’t seem to have any issues with charging some fairly high prices for the few features that they have on offer, which is definitely something to be concerned about.

Their average price per minute is going to end up costing you a total of $2.75, which is definitely on the higher side, and not at all justified by what you’ll get on this site.

You deserve more than what you’re going to get. It’s simply not good enough to have to pay those prices for psychics that are poorly screened, and not all that accurate.

Some Features You Don’t Want

When you’re using a tarot reading site, you really want to be able to get accurate readings, every single time. That’s simply not going to happen with the Free-Tarot -Reading tarot services.

It’s fairly bland.

The main issue that you’re going to have here is with their 6.5 out of 10 accuracy rating. Their psychics don’t take enough time to interview you, thus leading to that number.

When they can’t connect with you, that means that you’re really going to end up disappointed by how vague your readings are overall. You deserve a lot more than that.

Any time that you come across a reader that just wants to throw down the cards and leave it at that, you should be leery. That’s exactly the setting that you’ll find here.

It’s not good enough.

While this site might end up offering a money back guarantee, it’s not something that you’ll find to be easily procured. This is mostly because it’s hard to get in contact.

This site’s staff is sort of mystifying, in that they will be around during very sparse hours, and often take weeks to respond to your requests for refunds over e-mail online.

This can be very disappointing and stressful to anyone, and you need to take note of that. With a site like this one, it’s simply going to be hard to get the service you need.

Forgettable Links Ahoy

Contacting this tarot site is going to be like pulling teeth:

This Facebook is really not going to give you any help:

Their help page is mostly going to make you frustrated: One of the Least Impressive Tarot Card Reading Sites

There’s simply no point in wasting your time with a tarot site like This is the kind of site that’s only going to end up disappointing you overall.

There’s not enough here.

When it comes to readings online, you need a site that can actually give you continuously accurate, solid readings that aren’t just going to be some vague sentences waved around.

That is, unfortunately, the only thing that you’re really ever going to get from this particular tarot reading site. They don’t put a lot of stock in who they end up hiring.

Their training process to being a professional reader is also simply not thorough enough, and you can tell from how their psychics simply don’t know how to deal with customers.

It’s no good.

Instead of wasting your time with a tarot site that’s not going to end up giving you the advice that you need, you should be going towards our number one site online.

That site, and we’ve proven that it really stands out in the realm of tarot reading. You deserve to be able to go for a site that can give you great advice.

For counseling in the way of the spirit realm and a number of other services, you can’t go wrong with our number one site. You’ll quickly be able to find your way here.

Don’t miss it.

You deserve a solid start, and this site can give it to you.


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