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Their Tarot services seem to be more of an afterthought than anything, and this results in half-assed, unprofessional service. The prices are far too expensive for this unsatisfactory performance, as well.

It’s unfortunate, but doesn’t seem to have that strong of a focus in the realm of actual tarot reading. Mostly, this site seems to be more about new age healing.

That’s not the point.

While it’s fine for a site to really have a strong focus on one kind of sight or another, that’s not something that’s going to really happen here. It’s mostly about other things, not tarot.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

Because of this, you’re going to find that most of their information about tarot is pushed to the side, or kind of incomplete. It’s not an ideal site for any sort of newbie.

If you’re looking for accurate readings, it’s probably not going to happen here courtesy of how limited their psychics seem to be. This sort of setting is just not ideal.

It’s pretty barren.

A barren tarot site isn’t something that you’re going to want to waste your time with, especially if it’s barren in a way that means you’re just not going to get the psychic attention you need.

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They don’t really seem to have any specialists on their staff, and there are definitely a lot of automated readings that aren’t going to give you real information at all.

With all of this combined, it’s just not worth it for you to go in and spend a ton of money on this site. It’s only going to end up disappointing you, in spite of its clean look.

Lacking Numbers

As a part of our GaianTarot rating, we were able to really get into the nitty gritty of this site and dig in deep. That’s not necessarily a compliment, however; there’s not much here.

It’s pretty limited.

It all starts off with the poor selection process they seem to have for psychics. They’ll hire just about anyone just to get their numbers up, thus resulting in our score of 4 out of 10.

This doesn’t seem to help all that much, however. Notably, their numbers are quite low, especially with specialists, so we could only rank their psychic availability at 4 out of 10.

You’d think they would at least try to make up for this in customer service, but that’s simply not the case. Instead, you’ll find yourself with only a 4 out of 10 rating here.

It’s no good.

The other issues with this site and the lack of quality start to rear their ugly head when you look at the prices that they’re going to be charging you for basic chat sessions.

Even if you just want a basic read, you’re going to end up paying a total of $3.00 per minute. It’s simply too expensive, considering the quality and lack of specialists.

This site is going to end up nickel and diming you to death for…what, exactly? Not any accurate readings, that’s for sure, which is only going to end up being a stressor.

Sad Features

As we desperately searched for something positive amongst the GaianTarot tarot services, we found ourselves consistently coming up empty. There’s just not much to this site.

It’s pretty empty.

The problems start when you realize that this site is way more about new age healing than it ever was about tarot, which mostly makes it a dead end for psychics.

They aren’t going to get a lot of traffic here, which ultimately ends to them only hiring low-end newbies, or people that are at the ends of their professional careers.

This contributes to a low accuracy rating, which is why we could only end up handing out a 4 out of 10 rating overall in this regard. It’s simply not worth it at all for you.

You can’t get what you want.

Sites like this should at the very least offer a more resilient money back guarantee, but we can’t find anything of the sort here. This is going to only add to the issues.

With this in mind, it’s going to be difficult for you to end up trusting in the readings that you get. A lot of them are automated, and if those aren’t accurate, then it’s not a surprise.

You’ll still be out of cash in that case, and the customer service team isn’t really going to be sympathetic. This is a site that’s only going to end up causing you headaches.

Bad Links Everywhere

Their blog is poorly updated and not that informative:

Good luck attempting to contact them and get a response:

Their videos are really just a joke and a half: Not a Chance is This Site Good Enough as a Tarot Card Reading Site

When it comes to, you’re definitely going to end up disappointed and more than that, annoyed. This is a site that’s just not going to live up to any expectations.

You can do better.

The thing about this site is that it’s mostly full of gimmicky, new age healing information, and it doesn’t seem to know heads or tails about real tarot readings online.

The psychics that they hire are not experienced enough to give you accurate readings, and they aren’t frequently on the site enough for you to schedule any real sessions.

All of this combined makes for an atmosphere that’s simply not conducive to your productivity in solid, reliable readings, and it’s going to make you uncomfortable spending money.

You need more than this.

An ideal tarot site is going to actually take the time to take care of you, and you need to find that from the beginning, or you’ll definitely feel the difference in quality.

Our number one site, and it’s definitely at the top of the list when it comes to customer service and reliability. You can count on their readings weekly.

You’ll be able to connect with a psychic that has years of professional training, and professionalism in great numbers. You aren’t going to feel like you’re just tossed aside.

It’s worth it.

A solid, reliable tarot reading site is going to be able to guide you along the right path in life that much faster, and it’s going to help you decode the mysteries that are before you.

That’s why you can’t mess around with a site that’s simply not up to par. It will make a huge difference, and you’re really going to end up seeing the change in quality.

Good luck.


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