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When a site is designed so poorly that it doesn't even load most of the time, it's no big surprise that there are usually so few psychics available - after all, why would they stick around on a site that doesn't function?

Right from the start, ended up causing a lot of issues on our radar. Most of this first comes from the loading issues that this site has, which can be directed to the servers.

They need to upgrade.

Part of the draw of online tarot reading is the utter convenience that comes along with it. With this particular site, you’re not going to have that because the site rarely loads.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

This really does end up becoming an issue if you’re trying to schedule regular readings of any kind, or if you really need to connect with your reader sooner rather than later.

This site makes that difficult by having a lot of downtime, and it’s not exactly apologetic for that. Sites like this one can end up becoming a source of frustration.

It’s pretty empty.

Apart from the uptime issues, you’ll also find that this site lacks a lot of regular psychic readers. This quickly starts to become an issue if you want to keep up a professional relationship.

overlay image Llewellyn

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You aren’t going to have a ton to pick from, and you aren’t going to end up having a lot to browse in the way of information or other psychic services while using this site, either.

All of this compounds into a really difficult to use site, and not something that is going to end up giving you the kind of service that you would expect from an online reading site.

The Numbers Are Just Sad

As a part of our Llewellyn rating, we found ourselves really disappointed with this site. We continued to explore it to the fullest, but it simply wasn’t what we were expecting.

It’s not good.

First and foremost, their psychic screening process is really not thorough. They’ll hire just about anyone, and that’s why we could only give them a rating of 5 out of 10.

As you get into this site itself, you’ll find that hiring just about anyone doesn’t boost their numbers, somehow. They don’t have a lot of available psychics, so our rating was only a 5 out of 10.

Customer service is, in general, lacking here. They don’t seem to put a lot of stock in keeping their customers happy, which leads to a very difficult to use site and a rating of only 5.5 out of 10.

You need more.

For what you’ll end up paying on this site, you’re going to end up really disappointed in what you get. The services here are just plain and really not interesting.

That’s why their tarot reading sessions by the minute are extremely overpriced. They’ll end up costing you a total of $3.00 per minute, which is honestly just ridiculous.

You aren’t going to end up coming close to the kind of quality that you deserve here, which is really not worth your time. You deserve a lot more than what you’re paying for here.

Some Features to Skip

The more that you dig through the Llewellyn tarot services, the more you’re going to quickly find that this site is stifling you and your ability to get in touch with the spiritual realm.

It’s just blank.

There’s a marked lack of professionalism on this site regarding their live readings. It’s difficult to even find psychics online to chat with in the first place on most nights.

When you do find someone, you’ll usually have to end up settling for a generic reader. This is not going to end up being the sort of thing that you want, considering the accuracy rating is only a 5 out of 10.

Notably, they also don’t offer a customer guarantee. You can’t easily get a refund from this site, and the customer service doesn’t seem to be interested in pushing for it.

It sucks.

Because this site doesn’t have a lot of push towards customer relations, it can be pretty difficult to actually get what you’re looking for in very other way, too. It’s just a blank site.

This mean that if you want even a little bit of extra information about your star sign, you can’t find it here. Most of the psychics are going to stare at you pretty blankly, too.

They do push their book store more than anything else, which is laughable, considering most of what they’re selling can be found with a simple Google search.

A Lack of Good Links

This site’s Facebook is really just a nightmare and a half:

Don’t bother wasting your time with their poorly updated Twitter:

Trying to get in touch with their administrators is like pulling teeth: With this Tarot Card Reading Site, It’s Not Going to Work

There’s really nothing appealing about This is a dated site that doesn’t offer you a whole lot of variety in the way of psychics, and it’s just not reliable.

It’s not good enough.

When your site is already going to end up having problems loading, it’s hard for customers to put faith in actually signing up and hiring some of the psychics online.

This site makes it difficult for anyone to trust it, especially minus any sort of a customer guarantee. It’s not an appealing site, and it’s not going to make you want to come back.

This is the kind of site that can end up shaking the faith of a lot of newbies, which isn’t something that you want to have happen. It’s much better to just skip this one.

You deserve more.

Rather than waste your time on a site like this, you should be checking out our number one site for tarot reading online, which It really can deliver.

If you’re looking for accurate, reliable results and a number of psychics that are professional, then you definitely need to go for our number one site online every time.

This is the kind of site that you can put your faith in. There’s no point in wasting your time elsewhere when you know that you’re going to be able to come here and love it.

It can change your life.

A great psychic reader can really help you through every single walk of your life, and help you find the best path through whatever is changing you from day to day.

Whether it’s your career or your love life, you’ll be able to find the answers with an excellent psychic reader, and that’s all going to end up starting on our number one site.

Give it a go, and you’ll quickly be able to see the difference. We were able to, and that’s why we want to keep coming back there again and again–we love our readers.



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