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The layout is outdated and rather embarrassing to look at, which is not a strong start. There simply aren't many talented psychics here, and they try to make up for that fact with an abundance of computer readers.

From the start, doesn’t exactly give you the best impression of the bunch. This site might be trying to have a vibe of old and wizened, but it comes off as cliche.

That’s not a good thing.

A tarot site is already going to end up raising some eyebrows among the nonbelievers, and when they just try to look like a mystical site of nonsense, it’s not appealing.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

This site tries to do that with a ton of scrolls and tiny text, which makes it extremely difficult to use and read. For a newbie, this can end up being very off-putting.

There’s nothing mystical about the way this site is laid out, and it mostly is going to end up causing you a lot of problems. You’ll already find yourself wondering why you’re here.

It doesn’t offer much.

While the layout might be bad, it gets worse when you start to actually use the site, and find that it’s not exactly offering you a ton of different features all in one place.

This site is pretty sparse beyond their ‘tarot reading’, which seems to be a whole lot of automated systems. This is obviously not going to give you much in the way of accuracy.

overlay SalemTarot screen

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A site like this one is going to end up disappointing you. Beyond their basic descriptions of what the cards mean, there’s not much information to be found right here.

The Numbers Suck

As a part of our SalemTarot rating, we were able to thoroughly survey this site, and come out mostly empty handed. There’s not much that you’ll find appealing here.

It’s just not enough.

As we dug through this site, we actually find ourselves fairly shocked that their psychic screening process is more of an application than anything else. Our rating was only a 5.5 out of 10 because of it.

The whole process of finding out how many psychics were online at any given time wasn’t much better. Mostly, it’s automated systems, so only a 6.5 could be handed out.

This site’s customer service is also questionable. Contacting them is difficult, and we found that to be very stressful, and our 5.5 rating out of 10 really does reflect this.

It doesn’t get better.

Pricing is another huge pitfall of this particular site, and that’s something that doesn’t seem like it’s going to end up getting any better in the near future. You deserve better numbers.

Their average price for their per minute sessions is ultimately going to come down to $3.15 per minute, which as you might be noticing, is very much on the higher end.

For the quality of the readings that they’re offering, it’s not something that you can really just let slide. They don’t have the specialists to back up those kinds of prices.

Some Features Don’t Deliver

There are a lot of issues with the SalemTarot tarot services, and it ultimately comes down to a lack of choice. This site really doesn’t try to give you what you need.

It’s limiting.

It’s never good to be limited on a tarot reading site. If you need a specialist, then you need a specialist, and that’s not something that this site seems interested in handing out.

With that in mind, you’re going to quickly find that the psychics that they do have on call are pretty limited in their sight, and can only give you some general readings.

This is going to cause a serious drop in accuracy, and that’s why we could only end up rating this site a 6 out of 10 on our scale. It’s simply not close to the mark enough.

It’s barren.

Beyond the fact that you’re not going to end up getting any accurate readings here, this site spends more time talking about itself than it does actually giving you features.

They don’t seem to have much beyond their basic tarot readings, and they don’t really explain their other offerings very well. Mostly, it seems like a few clipped articles.

You probably know all of the information that they’re throwing around on their site, which is going to end up making it even more useless. This whole site? A disappointment.

Forgettable Links

This site’s exit links are honestly just shy of terrifying:

Contacting this tarot reader is more like being frustrated than anything:

With this site, you’ll quickly find that their readers are not so legitimate: A Crappy Version of a Tarot Card Reading Site Overall

We were really not that pleased with, and we can’t imagine anyone else out there that would be. This is a site that just falls short of the mark online.

You need more.

The problem with this tarot site isn’t the fact that they offer a money back guarantee–it’s that you’re not getting a quality product in the first place, so you’ll need that refund.

With that in mind, it’s going to be really difficult to ever end up trusting in anything that this site hands out to you. It’s just not going to be something that you want to spend cash on.

With high prices and poor customer service, there’s not a lot to love here. This is a site that’s only going to end up making you upset that you spend so much time here.

You can do better.

Rather than wasting your time with a site like this one, you should be going for our number one site for online tarot reading. That site, and it really delivers.

A great site isn’t something that you can ever end up passing up. You’ve got to go for the top, and you’ve got to understand how much it can really end up doing for you.

You don’t want to end up beating around the bush with a ton of inaccurate readings. You need the real thing, and we know that you’ll be able to find it on our top site.

Accuracy counts.

Too many times have people been disappointed by other tarot sites and the lack of accuracy. These psychics are the real deal, and they’re screened for their skills.

These are real professionals that you can count on, and that’s something that you should never underestimate. You won’t have any problem finding a specialist here.

Good luck, and have at it.


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