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There's a real lack of care that shows in the site design and function - it's a miracle if you can get this site to load consistently. No professional in their right mind would stick around here, making for a real lack of psychics.

It’s unfortunate, but immediately comes off as a cluttered hot mess. This site definitely wasn’t designed by someone that understands how websites work.

That’s the first strike.

Dealing with this particular site is only going to end up being a disappointment, and this mostly comes from the fact that it was designed years ago and hasn’t been updated since.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

This site definitely suffers from a lot of technical issues, and any newbie attempting to navigate it is probably going to end up feeling like it’s a constant well of confusion.

Sites like this simply don’t translate well, and that’s something that’s going to end up being a serious issue for you and for the possibility of getting accurate readings from professionals.

It’s just not active.

Because this site is as run down as it is, it’s no surprise that finding actual professionals on this site is a pretty difficult task. In general, they just aren’t around here.

This leads to a lot of confusion in trying to find a psychic that you can actually trust, and in general, it’s not something that you’re going to see happen all that often.

Tarot-Live overlay pic

Their staffing issues are going to end up plaguing you the entire time that you’re here. That’s not the kind of tarot site that you’re going to want to keep coming back to.

The Numbers Aren’t Enough

As a part of our Tarot-Live rating, we were able to really dig into this site and explore it to the fullest. There’s simply not that much going on here, and it’s pretty sparse.

You won’t like it.

With a site like this one, you’re only going to end up disappointed. The thing about this site is their staffing problems only add to the problem–and that’s why their screening process only receives a 3 out of 10 overall.

The other issue is with the psychics that they do manage to hire. There just aren’t enough of them, leading to our final rating for this site to only be a disappointing 3.5 out of 10.

Their customer service isn’t stellar, either. They’ve obviously long given up on actually giving you solid service, and that means our rating could only be a 3 out of 10 overall.

It doesn’t get better.

This site has a number of issues, and not a single one of them seems to be resolved by time and adaptations to the new world of tarot reading. They just don’t care.

This is very apparent through their pricing, which is definitely off the mark. It’s simply not good to end up seeing that you have to pay $3.50 per minute for a lack of quality.

There’s just not enough of a specialist vibe here for you to be able to justify that price, and you certainly aren’t going to end up emptying your wallet for a site like this.

Bad Features

When it comes to the Tarot-Live tarot services, they’re pretty few and far between. This ultimately comes down to the serious lack of thought and care put into the site.

It’s disappointing.

This particular site doesn’t seem to put a lot of stock in the kind of psychics that it hires, first of all. They don’t run the gambit of specialities, and there just aren’t that many of them.

Because of this poor selection, it’s ultimately going to be very difficult for you to get a great, accurate reading here. This is why we could only rate them a 3 out of 10.

This site definitely has some issues in that regard, and it’s hard to imagine them resolving it any time soon. Their hiring policies really do need to change in every way.

It’s just empty.

It’s not just the psychics that aren’t around on this particular site. It’s also the fact that there’s just not a lot to do here, and their tarot readings aren’t exactly a huge draw.

With a marked lack of information and a general lack of other features for you to read up on, this is a site that’s only going to end up boring you as a general rule, which isn’t worth it.

Spending that kind of cash on a site that’s just not going to end up covering all the bases is really not something that you’re going to want to do with your time. Skip it.

A Miss in Links

Their Facebook is a joke more than anything else:

With this Twitter, you’re not going to find a lot of useful updates:

Their blog is poorly updated and not all that helpful: Just Not Going to Work as a Tarot Card Reading Site

We were really not excited by, and we can’t imagine anyone out there that could be. This is a site that’s only going to end up giving you a headache overall.

You can do better than this.

A great tarot site is going to end up giving you a lot of features and some awesome psychics, but that’s simply not something that you’ll be able to find here at all.

This site doesn’t even offer a money back guarantee, which is ultimately going to end up making you nervous to give it a shot. It’s just not worth it, considering the quality.

Even if they started hiring better psychics, they’re going to need to start revising those prices. This is a site that’s only going to end up draining your wallet dry at this rate.

It’s no good.

Instead of wasting your time on a site like this one, you really should be checking out our number one site online, It’s a tarot reading site that you can trust.

A great reading site is going to end up being worth its weight in gold, and you know that. You’ve got to take the time to check it out, or you’ll end up really regretting it.

There’s no doubt that you’ll love having an excellent reader to fall back on to help you follow life’s path in a better way. With a great site, you’ll be able to find that reader.

It’s worth it.

Don’t miss out, or you’ll really end up wishing that you had gone to the top site first of all.


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