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The site's features are dated, boring, and generic, and that about sums up the site as a whole. They accept just about any psychic that applies, so you can forget about quality control. is definitely an unfortunate site, and that’s because one glance at it is going to end up driving away a ton of newbies and experts alike. It’s just…really barren.

It’s so dated.

When a website honestly looks this dated, it doesn’t matter how good the content is–the site itself is just not going to end up bringing around a steady stream of traffic.

Tarot Card Reading scam alert screencap

That’s definitely one of the main issues here, and it’s why a lot of professionals in the world of tarot reading aren’t going to want to end up spending their time and focus here.

It’s hard for this site to recruit, so they mostly accept anyone that ends up applying. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal method to keep anyone around on your site.

It’s very sketchy.

This site might be trying to extend into the world of zodiac and other kinds of psychic reading, but it just comes off as sketchy and pretty half-hearted at the best of times.

This site needs some serious updating, and it really needs to focus on the original purpose for which it was founded, which was with reliable tarot reading online.

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Finding tarot card reading sites that really work is easy with our comprehensive site rankings.

There’s nothing of the sort about that right now, which makes it a site that you’re going to really want to skip. Until they get better updates, it’s just not going to be worth it.

The Numbers Are No Good

As a part of our Tarot-Ace rating, we were able to really dig into this site and survey it at length. This is the kind of site that’s just not going to give you good results, however.

We proved that.

During our review, we were able to really thoroughly look into their screening process–and found that there isn’t much of one. We could only rate it a 1.5 out of 10.

With this particular site, you’re also going to find that they just don’t have a lot of numbers involved. They don’t seem to put stock into enlisting a lot of psychics, so our rating was 1.5 out of 10.

Customer service was another nope on this site. Getting in touch with any of the admins is nigh impossible, so our final score for that was only at a sad 2 out of 10.

It’s not great.

There’s nothing about this site that’s a stand out, that’s for sure, and there’s definitely nothing about it that we’d want to come back to again in the future. It’s just no good.

That’s why their basic chat session prices of $2.75 per minute are really outrageous. Those are prices that you wouldn’t even end up paying on our top sites.

This is because they’re desperate for money, and it really does come off that way. Don’t pay those kinds of prices when you can get much better service for less elsewhere.

No Good Features

The vast majority (read: all) of the Tarot-Ace tarot services are really not good. They’re dated, they’re really boring, and they aren’t much of a service, and more of a hindrance.

We made that clear.

The more time that you spend with this particular site, the more you’re going to really see that there’s not a lot of thought put into the content, and there never was.

This is because there’s a marked lack of interest in the admins to actually run the site, and that comes down to the kinds of psychics that they end up hiring as well.

Most of the psychics that they do hire–assuming they are legitimate–are going to be inexperienced and really not that professional, so it makes for a poor environment.

It’s no good.

With this site, you’re going to really struggle to connect to a psychic that can give you some accurate readings. You will mostly get vague, disconnected card readings.

That’s why we could only end up giving this site a 2 out of 10 rating when it came to accuracy. This site just doesn’t live up to its claims of being a trustworthy tarot site.

There’s not much of a push to get away from automated readings, either. You just aren’t going to find yourself really satisfied with what you’re finding on this particular site.

Bad Links Ahoy

With their Facebook as useless as it is, you can really skip it:

Don’t bother trying to get in touch with anyone on this site:

Their links aren’t going to end up giving you anything useful: There Are Just Better Tarot Card Reading Sites That Will Work

We were really not happy about, and that’s because this is a site that’s never going to end up hitting the mark for you or for the readings that you want.

It just can’t.

Considering the serious lack of a push towards hiring more professional and legitimate psychics, that means that this site is content with lingering in the past and looking that way.

It’s an off-putting site on the best of days, which means that most newbies aren’t going to really want to stick around and try to make this particular site work in the first place.

With the lack of customer care, this site just gets worse and worse. We can’t imagine anyone really being comfortable opening themselves up on a site like this one.

Forget it.

Rather than spending your time on a site that’s just going to drain you dry both with money and emotions, you should be checking out our number one site online instead.

Our number one site for tarot reading online, and it’s definitely going to be able to give you the kind of dedication and reliability that you would expect.

A great tarot reading site is worth its weight in gold, and we’ve proven that through our own first hand experience. Don’t waste your time with sites that don’t care about you.

It’s all about you.

Being able to use a site that has actual professionals that want to give you the attention you deserve is going to be really worth it for you and your upcoming life path.

Your connection to the spiritual realm is valuable, and shouldn’t be ignored. Go with a site that’s going to actually acknowledge that, and give you the care that you need.

It’s worth it!


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