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It has a very unprofessional, amateur vibe to it, which scares off most interested and talented professionals. This results in a site that's really hurting for staffing, and just doesn't have anything else going for it. is an odd little site that doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of focus to it. This is obviously someone’s pet project, but it didn’t end up being well cared for.

It’s so basic.

The main issue that you’re first going to end up seeing with this particular tarot site is that it’s incredibly basic. You just aren’t going to find a whole lot of information here.

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The layout itself is also pretty dated, with a whole lot of old-fashioned scrolls and tiny text decorating it. This might be cute, but it’s not exactly conducive to a ton of traffic.

This unprofessional vibe is going to end up scaring off not only customers, but reliable psychics as well. Most of them aren’t going to want to end up working here.

It’s just barren.

This site certainly does try very hard to look interesting, but it mostly is a collection of random, old-school article clips and a lot of automated tarot readings overall.

That’s not exactly someone’s going to be interested in seeing if they’re looking for real, live readings online, but that’s all that this site is honestly going to be able to offer.

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Stop wasting cash, and head to the tarot card reading sites that really deliver on guidance.

The lack of actual interaction is notable as well, and that means that you’re going to end up spinning your wheels and not getting a whole lot of anything for your cash.

The Numbers Aren’t Working

As a part of our TarotLore rating, we were able to really explore this site, and see for ourselves what it had to offer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we found very much.

It’s just basic.

The main issue starts with how they end up recruiting their readers–which is to say, they don’t end up putting that much effort into it. That’s why we could only rate it a 3.5 out of 10.

This particular site is also pretty sparse when it comes to real, live readers, and that’s a huge detriment to the quality of service you’re going to have. That’s why our rating is a 3.5 out of 10.

Customer service is also nigh impossible to find here, and that’s why you’re going to end up finding yourself with only a 3 out of 10 rating from us, based on our experiences.

It’s not good enough.

This site has some really obvious design flaws to it, and a serious lack of staffing. With all of this in mind, it’s startling that they’re going to charge any premium prices.

If you’re looking for a basic tarot reading here, the average price for minute is still going to end up running a total of $3.00. This is definitely on the higher end, and not at all acceptable.

Sites like this really need to up their game if they’re going to get real psychics to work there, and if they’re going to keep any number of customers around. It’s just not good enough.

The Worst Features

With this particular site, it’s going to be difficult to find anything beyond the most basic of features. That’s because the TarotLore tarot services are mostly just automated.

That’s no good.

If you’re looking for accurate, reliable tarot readings, it’s not going to be something that you can easily find on this site. They just don’t have the staff to support that.

This is why we could only end up handing out a final rating score of 3 out of 10 overall. This site definitely doesn’t have what it takes to stand out in the tarot market.

When a site mostly has automated readers, that’s a huge red flag, and that’s definitely what you’re going to end up seeing here. It’s simply not good enough for your needs.

There’s nothing else.

This particular site really is limited in what it has to offer you. They sure do seem to think highly of their tarot articles and books, but there’s just not much real content here.

They’re trying to push a sale, of course, and it’s not exactly attractive for them to do so. In general, it’s a whole lot of wasted money if you do end up dropping it here.

Sites like this seem to know that they’re on borrowed time. That’s why they can’t keep any real psychics around, and that’s why they’re mostly going to be a waste for you.

Missing Links

Their copyright is more of a nightmare to laugh at than anything:

This Twitter isn’t going to end up giving you any real information:

This Facebook really shows you how useless the whole site is: With Tarot Card Reading Sites, This One is a Total Miss

The waste of time that is is something that we proved right away. There’s not much that you’re going to be able to find here that can really give you any help.

There’s no guidance.

There’s a whole lot of automated readings here, and not a lot of actual, accurate readings that you can end up trusting in the near future. There just aren’t real psychics around.

There’s not a money back guarantee in sight with this particular tarot reading site, either, which makes it a risk that you’re probably not going to want to take at all.

Not even being able to count on a refund if something does go wrong isn’t a pleasant feeling. This site absolutely is going to disappoint you, too, so what’s the point?

You can do so much better.

A real tarot site needs to be able to guide and help you through life, and that’s just not something that’s going to end up happening with this one. You need a lot more than what’s offered.

That’s why you should be checking out our number one site online, It’s fantastic for all manner of psychic readings, but especially tarot readings.

If you need a specialist or if you just need someone to give you a basic reading, you’ll be able to find that here, and at an affordable price to boot. There’s no real struggle.

It’s worth it.

Finding a reliable psychic reader online is going to end up being worth its weight in gold. You aren’t going to end up knowing how much it can change you until you have one.

You need a reader to help you on the right path and you need tarot to help answer what you’ve been wondering all along. A guide to the spiritual realm can really help you.

You shouldn’t waste your time on a site that’s not going to help you out at all. Go for the best ones, and you’re never going to end up regretting it. We’ve proven that much.


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