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It hasn't had an update in years, and that really shows in its outdated, limited features and service. There's just nothing here that you can't get elsewhere, better and cheaper, and the service leaves much to be desired.

With a name like, it’s almost guaranteed to be a hilarious misnomer. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of hilarity when it comes to this poorly designed site.

It needs some real work.

With this particular site, you’re immediately going to start running into issues, and every single one of them seem to stem from the fact that it was designed years and years ago.

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It hasn’t had an update in quite awhile, and that’s ultimately the downfall from the start here. This is a site that just doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of push in the positive direction.

Because of these lack of updates, it also seems to scare off a lot of potential professionals. This site is just lacking in psychic numbers, which is really a huge issue.

It’s not good.

The other issue that you’re going to run into with this site is the marked lack of features. It’s simply not stocked well enough with anything other than very basic stuff.

This means automated readings, scheduled live chats, and horoscopes, for the most part–which you can just about find anywhere online. That doesn’t make it a huge draw for anyone.

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We tested the biggest tarot card reading sites out there hands-on. See who rates as the best of the best.

With all of these issues, it’s no surprise that this is a site to really gloss over. There’s not much that you’re going to be able to find here that you can’t find elsewhere.

The Numbers Aren’t Going to Deliver

As a part of our TrustedTarot rating, we were able to thoroughly dig into this site, and find out for ourselves that it’s just plain not what it seems in general. You need more than this.

It’s so basic.

The first red flag ends up rearing its ugly head when you start to look at their selection process…which is to say that they don’t have one. Thus, our rating was only a 5 out of 10.

The other issues come up when you start to look at the actual numbers of psychics on the site, which are very low, and so we could only give them a 4.5 out of 10.

This site’s customer service is the final nail in the coffin. In general, this site just doesn’t have a huge support team, and they’re very slow, thus leading to a 4 out of 10 rating.

It doesn’t get better.

This site’s pricing is another huge problem, and it’s something that’s going to end up plaguing you as you try to use it. Their prices are definitely quite high for the quality.

Their most basic chat room rates are going to end up running you a total of $2.50 a minute, which is definitely on the higher side of normal, and that’s not even for premium psychics.

This kind of price is going to end up being prohibitively expensive if you’re looking for weekly readings, or even readings that happen more frequently than that.

No Real Features

Trying to dig through the TrustedTarot tarot services is more of a headache than it would first appear, and that’s mostly because they don’t seem to offer much at all.

You deserve a lot more.

This particular site is definitely not up to par when it comes to layout standards, first and foremost. This is going to end up driving away a lot of confused newbies.

They have a single drop down menu with all of the options, making it seem like it was a site that was thrown together hastily, and without a ton of thought to usability.

This also ends up driving away a lot of professionals from using it, we can only assume. It’s a fairly empty site on most days because of it, and you need a lot more to work with than that.

The professionalism is poor.

When it comes to the psychics that you can end up hiring here, you’re going to ultimately be pretty disappointed. This comes down to the fact that their screening process is too basic.

This is what led to our final accuracy rating here of only 4 out of 10. They just don’t have the kind of specialists or psychics with years of experience to back up their policies.

Without a money back guarantee, you’re also going to feel on edge whenever receiving a reading here. If you aren’t satisfied, there’s not a lot of recourse that you’ll have.

Sad, Sad Links

Trying to get anything that’s real info out of their terms is no good:

Their Facebook is a struggle to use more than anything:

Their members’ area is really difficult for you to use: It’s Just Not the Best Tarot Card Reading Site at All

Our review went about as well as to be expected–which is to say, not that great. There’s not a lot of positive things to be said about this particular site.

It’s not good.

Between the shoddily designed layout and the presence of way too many automated tarot readings, this isn’t exactly the kind of site you’re going to want to keep coming back to.

In general, there’s an issue with there not being a huge selection of psychics, plus the fact that customer service here is just poorly managed and designed as a whole.

This site is hard to use and not at all something that you’re going to want to put a ton of trust in. With that in mind, it’s the kind of tarot site that you’ll want to avoid in the future.

Forget about it.

Rather than waste your time on a tarot site like this one, you really should be checking out our number one site instead, and that site We’ve tested it.

It’s the best online and it’s the tarot reading site that we’d personally want to go back to more than any other. You’re not going to want to turn this one away at all, that’s for sure.

Giving it a go is going to really prove that you’ll get the best, most accurate readings online there. There’s no point in wasting your time elsewhere when it really delivers.


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