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If a site's going to rely on a gimmick, they should at least try to make it one that works, and this site fails on that count. They try to prop up their automated readings as something desirable, which is simply laughable.

Unfortunately for, this site is extremely dated. It’s also relying on the gimmick of fast, automated tarot readings, which isn’t exactly something that it should be proud of.

It’s not accurate.

With sites like this, you’re only ever going to end up disappointed. They don’t seem to have a large number of psychics floating around, and they certainly aren’t going to get more.

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This site’s layout is often to blame, because it’s extremely sparse. You’re not going to end up having an easy time of finding even the most basic navigation here.

They are mostly relying on gimmicks in order to get more customers, which is obviously less than ideal. Sites like this just aren’t equipped to deal with actual content.

That’s not changing.

While it would be nice for a site to have a little bit of extra information about other parts of the spiritual realm, this particular site can’t even seem to get basic tarot reading down.

This means that they really need to go back to the basics if they’re looking to actually keep anyone around, and to actually grow as a website as a whole in the community.

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We hand-tested the biggest tarot card reading on the web. See how the numbers stack up here.

They need to really work on those recruiting tactics, and how they’re screening their psychics. Maybe if they stay away from a lot of different automated readings, that’ll do the trick.

The Numbers Aren’t Enough

As a part of our xTarot rating, we were able to thoroughly explore this site and figure out what we were missing out on. Unfortunately, the final verdict is that there’s not much.

It’s disappointing.

This particular site really suffers from a lack of actual screening. Just about anyone can become a psychic and work here, which means we could only rate it a 3 out of 10.

The other issues start to come out when you realize they don’t have a lot of psychics actually staffing the site. This is going to really end up limiting you, so we only rated it a 3 out of 10.

Customer service is another serious issue here. This site absolutely struggles with getting back to you and responding in a quick fashion, so our score of only 3 out of 10 remains.

It’s just not good.

This site certainly seems to think highly of itself when it’s as sparse and empty on a regular basis as it is, but that doesn’t seem to be something that is reflected in the quality.

The site’s pricing is definitely not that great. You’re going to end up paying some premium prices for very little, and that means a total of $3.40 per minute in sessions.

With a site like this one, you’re just not going to end up getting service that reflects that kind of a price. You’ll need to take your business elsewhere for real quality.

Unfortunate Features

There aren’t a lot of xTarot tarot services that you’ll actually be able to use with any kind of effectiveness on this particular site. This all comes down to the lack of customer care.

It’s rather dead.

A site like this one is definitely on the deader side of the spectrum, courtesy of poor recruiting tactics. You just aren’t going to end up seeing much in the way of quality psychics.

Who would blame them for not wanting to work here? This site barely has any content at all, and this is something that’s going to end up carrying over into the quality of readings.

This is why our final accuracy score for this particular site could only end up being a 3 out of 10. This site definitely needs to hire more professional psychics overall.

We weren’t happy.

Aside from the lack of real readers, you’re mostly going to end up dealing with a ton of automated readings, which are obviously not going to end up hitting the spot.

This site definitely suffers from the assumption that no one knows about tarot, and can end up satisfied with whatever cards end up being explained at any given time.

While it does have a money back guarantee, it’s going to be something of a struggle to actually get it out of the staff. This all comes down to the lack of accessibility.

No Good Links

This particular site’s Facebook is just a mess for sure:

Contacting this particular site isn’t going to get you anywhere:

Their directory is more of a nightmare to use than anything: Just Not Good Enough as a Tarot Card Reading Site Online

We were really not happy with This is a site that relies on a lot of cheap gimmicks and not much of anything else, which is definitely going to be a disappointment.

You can do better.

It’s just not advisable to put your faith into a ton of automated readings. Sites like this one are just not going to be able to give you the accuracy that you deserve in a reading.

This is because, honestly, how can a computer end up connecting to the spiritual realm? You need to have an actual counselor helping you through the reading itself.

By using this site, you’re going to end up signing away a lot of integrity in the world of tarot reading. It’s simply not good enough to be called a real tarot reading site.

It’s not good.

Rather than sit around and try to make a site like this one work, you should be checking out our number one site online for tarot reading, and that’

It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that through our excellent results and our amazing experiences. You can definitely get a great reading on a site like this one.

With professional psychics, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You’ll actually be able to find the path that you’ve been looking through all along, and we know that it works.

Go for it.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time on a site that just jerks you around. Go for a real reading today.


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